Current Rankings


Current (no part of this World) Rankings are taken from a rolling last two years of results in tournaments.


Position (Rise/Fall) (Power Rating points)PlayerPointsPoints drop next tournament
1st (Same) (50) Brenton Snow37.51.5
2nd (Same) (49)Dathan Snow251
3rd (Up) (48)Jordon Thomson211
4th (Down) (47)Russ Anderson206.5
5th (Same) (46)Chris Endell192.5
6th (Same) (45)Steve Thomson163.5
7th (Same) (44)Andrew Clinch11.54
8th (Same) (43)Jon Miles90
9th (Up) (42)Josh Cook6.50
10th (Down) (41)Simon Thomson20
10th (Up) (41)Danny Gregory20
10th (Up) (41)George Ciocan22
13th (Up) (38)Matt Browne10
13th (Up) (38)Laurence Snell10
13th (Up) (38)Shem Stevens11
13th (Up) (38)Tayze Hutchins11