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8-9-21 Serious Plaudits cup will be on Monday 1st of November at Qball Chelmsford 7-11pm. The eight qualifiers are Andrew, Josh, Jon, Jordon, Russ, Dathan, Chris, Brent. The game will be 15 Ball 15-Ball Pool Rules (ourpastimes.com)

8-9-21 New! Introducing Power Rating… Each players Power Rating is a combination of their position in Current Rankings and on the All Time Leaderboard. Power Ratings determine the seeding for each tournament and fair balance to the groups randomly created by the winner app. Improve Current Ranking and/or All Time Leaderboard Position to increase your Power Rating! (See Format tab for more details)

8-9-21 Power Rating update– Dathan is up from 97 to 98, Russ is up from 89 to 92, Chris from 86 to 88, Jon from 75 to 79, and Matt from 62 to 64.

8-9-21 All Time Leaderboard update– Dathan moves 2nd ahead of Dave Bailey with one more tournament win, Russ goes 7th ahead of Dan Evans after achieving a higher ranking position held, Chris’s fourth final moves him into 9th ahead of Danny with a higher ranking position held, and Jon goes above Dave Crabb into 15th with a higher ranking points total held.

8-9-21 Rankings update– Dathan claims 2nd spot outright with the tournament win, Russ is up to 3rd with his highest ranking points held total of 20, Chris is up to 5th after another final appearance this year, Jon jumps up to 8th in his highest ranking position held, and Matt joins the Rankings table in joint 14th with a QF appearance.

8-9-21 2021 Leaderboard- Dathan rises to 3rd after his sixth tournament win, Jon moves up to 6th with a qf appearance and the Killer win, and Andrew climbs to 8th to secure the final place at the Plaudits.

6-9-21  Points awarded from Sid Waddell 2021  Dathan 6 (for 1st place)….  Chris 4.5 (0.5 for topping group, 4 for 2nd place)…. Russ 3 (for 3rd place)…. Jon 3 (1 for QF, 2 for Killer winner)…. Brent 2.5 (0.5 for topping group, 1 for QF, 1 for Killer 2nd place)…. Jordon 2 (for 4th place )…. Andrew 1 (for QF,)…. Matt 1 (for QF)

6-9-21  Sid Waddell 2021 Results- The results were.. Dathan 1st, Chris 2nd, Russ 3rd, Jordon 4th. Jon won the Killer, with Brent getting Killer 2nd place.


2021 Tournament Dates

Serious Plaudits (15 Ball)- Monday November 1st.  

 Next Tournament 

  Serious Plaudits Cup (15 Ball)

Monday November 1st


At Qball Chelmsford

Seedings for Serious Plaudits 21.Power Rating (See Format for more info)
Brenton Snow (Seed #1 Serious Plaudits Champion 2020)100 (Same)
Dathan Snow (Seed #2)98 (Up)
Jordon Thomson (Seed #3)93 (Same)
Russ Anderson (Seed #4)92 (Up)
Chris Endell (Seed #5)88 (Up)
Andrew Clinch (Seed #6)83 (Same)
Jon Miles (Seed #7)79 (Up)
Josh Cook (Seed #8)74 (Up)

2021 Leaderboard

Position (Rise/Fall)Player 2021 Tournament PointsNumber of Tournaments Played in 2021Qualification for Serious Plaudits 2021
1st (Same)Brenton Snow183Already qualified (SP champion 2020)
2nd (Same)Chris Endell123Already qualified (SP 3rd 2020)
3rd (Up)Dathan Snow92Qualified
4th (Down)Russ Anderson83Qualified
5th (Down)Jordon Thomson73Already qualified (SP 2nd 2020)
6th (Up)Jon Miles43Qualified
7th (Down)Josh Cook31Qualified
8th (Up)Andrew Clinch2.52Qualified
9th (Down)Simon Thomson21
9th (Down)Danny Gregory21
11th (Down)Laurence Snell12
11th (New)Matt Browne12